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Physics Extra Practice/Quiz Tickets

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

For the 9th graders I'm now teaching, I wanted them to have some more tangible extra practice before taking an extra quiz in my standards-based grading system. My older students were a bit better at self-identifying what work they needed to do to prepare for an extra quiz, but they often ended up using extra quizzes as practice -- something I wanted to quash. Therefore, I made a number of extra practice sets that students must complete as a "ticket" to be able to take an extra quiz. Students turn in their completed practice ticket once they are confident that they understand the ideas, and if I agree, I stamp the top of the quiz with my spherical cow, print out the extra quiz, and then return the practice to the student. I've provided numerical answers for quantitative problems to help them gauge their work, but if there are still glaring errors in process, or I'm concerned that a student doesn't fully understand the idea, I indicate that at the top of the ticket. The student reworks the problems or comes to see me for help as needed.

The table below takes you to the extra practice/quiz tickets I've created with the directions I give my students for using them. The system made sense to my students, and they used the practice very effectively. Some of my overachievers used them to practice for our whole-class quizzes, and I'm certainly not going to stop anyone from doing some extra physics

A logistical note: I made all of the files in Microsoft Word and saved them in the Google Drive folder on my computer. Each time I make edits to a file, I also save it as a pdf. The links below are to the pdfs, and when update the pdfs, the links still work because the file name is unchanged and Google Drive automatically uploads the newly saved file. I keep editing them, so you'll get my best version if you download them as you (or your students) need them. I hope you find them useful and/or inspiring!


Student Instructions:

1. Identify the objectives you need to reassess by referring to your gradesheet.

2. Practice the concepts using the curriculum packet and one of the Extra Practice/Quiz Tickets below. See me if you have questions!

3. Start with practice set A for a particular set of objectives. If you need to reassess a set of objectives more than once, then use practice set B and so on.

4. Submit your completed Extra Practice/Quiz Ticket to me with a reassessment time filled out. I will return incorrectly completed practice to you to edit and resubmit.

5. I will post your reassessment on the bulletin board outside of the physics classroom. Take your assessment in the physics room, an empty math room, or the physics prep room. When you are finished, leave the quiz on my desk.

  • The Extra Practice/Quiz Tickets are arranged according to sets of related objectives. 

  • The details objective is also included in all quantitative assessments.

  • All files here are designed with double-sided printing in mind.

  • Printable dot paper for graphing and working out your problem solutions.

Extra Practice/Quiz Tickets for 9th grade physics

Originally posted on my previous website July 27, 2018.

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1 Comment

Mark Sailer
Mark Sailer
Feb 24

Is there any way I could get access to your extra practice quizzes? Mark Sailer

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