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Mega Can-Crush

posted Jul 13, 2015, 9:42 PM by Mark Schober   [ updated Jul 13, 2015, 9:55 PM ]
I've done the can crush lab with my students for years, but only crushing soda cans. I find this image of a crushed railroad tank car fascinating and I wrote a quiz based on it for use in Modeling Chemistry Unit 3. By the way -- the steel that makes up the tank on a DOT-111 tank car is 7/16" thick and has a capacity of 34,500 gallons. Because the DOT-111 design has been involved in several recent oil train accidents, the DOT-117 design will replace it, with 9/16" thick tank steel and full end shields. As a railfan, I follow all kinds of information about trains, and I also came across this on news feed:

From on July 7, 2015:
Kelso Technologies Inc. obtained approval from the Association of American Railroads to begin commercial field trial testing on the company’s new Vacuum Relief Valve. The low-pressure device is specifically designed to protect tank cars from the effect of an excessive vacuum, preventing the implosion of the tank car. The patent-pending valve design is a result of customer demand for a better performing product due to the failure rate of products currently in use. The device meets the new DOT-117 tank car specifications to be implemented later this year. Kelso is a railway equipment supplier that designs, produces and sells proprietary tank car service equipment. For more information, go to