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Extra Practice/Quiz Tickets

Blogpost explanation of what these are.

 Lab.2 Set A  
 Lab.1,2,3 Set A  Set B  Set C   
 Velocity.1,2 Set A  Set B Set C 
 Force.3,4 Set A  Set B Set C Set D
 Force.1,4,5 Set A  Set B Set C Set D
 Acceleration.1,2 Set A  Set B Set C Set D 
 Acceleration.3  Set A  Set B Set C Set D
 Force.1,2,4 Set A  Set B Set C Set D 
 Momentum.1,2 Set A  Set B
 Momentum.3,4,5 Set A  Set B Set C
 Energy.1,2 Set A  Set B
 Energy.1,2,3 Set A  Set B Set C
 Force.6, Circular.1 Set A  Set B
 Circular.1,2 Set A  Set B
 Force.6, Projectile. Set A  Set B Set C
 Electrostatics.1 Set A  
 Electrostatics.2 Set A  
 Electrostatics.3 Set A  
 Circuits.1,2,3 Set A  Set B
 Synthesis - Force and Motion Set A  Set B
 Synthesis - Force and Momentum Set A  Set B
 Synthesis - Energy plus anything Set A  Set B

Printable dot paper for graphing and working out your problem solutions.

Student directions:

1. Identify the objectives you need to reassess by referring to your gradesheet.

2. Practice the concepts using the curriculum packet and one of the Extra Practice/Quiz Tickets below. See me if you have questions!

3. Start with practice set A for a particular set of objectives. If you need to reassess a set of objectives more than once, then use practice set B and so on.

4. Submit your completed Extra Practice/Quiz Ticket to me with a reassessment time filled out. I will return incorrectly completed practice to you to edit and resubmit.

5. I will post your reassessment on the bulletin board outside of the physics classroom. Take your assessment in the physics room, an empty math room, or the physics prep room. When you are finished, leave the quiz on my desk.

The Extra Practice/Quiz Tickets are arranged according to sets of related objectives. 
The details objective is also included in all quantitative assessments.
All files here are designed with double-sided printing in mind.